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My name is David Duguid and I am a specialist in empowering professionals and entrepreneurs held back by past emotional pain ( including trauma, crippling fear and anxiety) overcome it and find new levels of unfound success in their professional and personal lives, while achieving true fulfillment in pursuit of their passion. Simply put, I get RESULTS THAT LAST! 

After overcoming my own past traumas, and continually making mistakes, as an aspiring entrepreneur, I decided I wanted to help people overcome the same emotional problems as I encountered. Now as an Executive Coach I help individuals transform and achieve their goals. I know what it takes to overcome some of the most challenging and difficult problems you will face in life. My approach is to give you hold you accountable and challenge you through my own TRAUMA TO TRIUMPH MASTERY SYSTEM. This system requires high level of self awareness and responsibility on your part and I don’t work with everyone, only those who are committed to putting the work in, move past the emotional pain and have a desire to level up their life. If this is you, I can definitely help you.

Let’s do this, let’s work together, and make lasting change for good! Click below to find out more about beginning your journey today in overcoming your past pain and trauma and succeeding at life!

Our most beautiful dreams are born from our most unpleasant nightmares.

Matshona Dhliwayo

What separates my professional results-based coaching to that of a therapist?

Therapists in general, tend to work on sessions rather than a result-based approach, and their entire approach is regressive as in they tend to focus on the past pains and how you it affected you. I have a lot of respect for therapists, as one of my mentors is one and they are definitely useful, but not always the go to solution. If you have an actual life goal you want to achieve, or have specific trauma related injuries and are actually professional, then often a specialist trauma coach, such as myself is the best option as I get you lasting results as I can actually relate to this area, have expertise and only work with a select number of clients at time.

I focus on cPTSD, which is long-term trauma that stems from childhood, and how it connects to you as a professional trying to achieving at life. I help you understand the pain the held you back and empower you to move forward and achieve your goals. Through my own research into this area, I’ve discovered countless entrepreneurs and professionals who have not dealt with this area and then try to push it under the rug by focussing more on their business which often makes the situation worse. This can in fact accentuate feelings of anxiety, fear, loneliness, depression and suicidal thoughts as trauma is effectively a fear response that the body has unconsciously stored, triggering you any time in an uncomfortable situation or when an unpleasant memory comes up.

Many of my clients find themselves in loops of self-sabotage. They achieve a bit of success, then get stuck in a rut, and often go into downward spirals which can last for weeks. They hope if they keep hustling it will all work, and they will finally be worthy of success and happiness. If this sounds like you, let’s talk.


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