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About Do Good Coaching

Do Good Coaching was established in 2017. After years of working with clients our founder David decided to set the company up as a beacon of light to provide value to an already cluttered self-improvement industry. However the purpose was not to merely improve, it was to do it in a way that benefited others as well as leveling up individually. This principle has since been extended to a the business environment, where several research studies have also backed up these claims. Trust us to help you.

''You get better, when you do better''

Executive Coach,  Do Good Coaching

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of individuals to become more enlightened and successful being in relationships, work and their overall lives in achieving what they want. Our legacy is to become a source of good and inspiration for the next generation.

David - Executive Coach & Founder

David, is the executive coach and founder of Do Good Coaching. He is a qualified life coach and certified NLP practitioner and having also been educated and previously working in a professional background within business and marketing an qualified with an MSc in International Marketing and BA in Business Management and Economics, with a huge emphasis on understanding and learning about human behaviour during these years. Further to this, with a focus on an analytical capacity, attention to detail and problem solving in particular being specialities, David has worked with a range of different organisations and individuals which has helped build industry knowledge and expertise. On top of this David is an avid learner and regular attends seminars of some of the world's experts in business, success and relationships including names like Gary Vaynerchuk, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Julien Blanc. As part of his continued development he works with his mentor, a psychotherapist with over 30 years experience.

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About Do Good Coaching
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