About Do Good Coaching

Do Good Coaching was established in 2017. After years of working with a variety of clients from different backgrounds, I decided to then focus on an area I could do most good. This is helping professionals held back by past emotional pain and trauma. I have since worked on becoming a beacon of light, and expert in overcoming trauma, achieving success and getting lasting results. If this is you, consider signing up for a no pressure strategy session. Trust me to help you.

''You get better, when you do better''

David Duguid
Executive Coach,  Do Good Coaching

Our Mission

My mission is to improve the lives of entrepreneurs and professionals to become more enlightened and successful in their work, relationships and overall lives and inspire the next generation of professionals. I want to help them become more successful and work with them to achieve their goals while providing the tools to overcome the emotional pain that previously held them back in their life and never let it control them again. My legacy is to become a source of good and inspiration for the next generation.

David Duguid - Executive Coach & Founder

Hey! My name is David, and I specialise in helping professionals overcome past emotional turmoil that holds them back from reaching the next level of their life goals.

After going through my own traumas, and continually making mistakes, especially as an aspiring entrepreneur, I decided I wanted to help people overcome the same emotional problems as me.

It's been an incredibly difficult journey, one I didn't understand fully for a long time, but I found my own way of dealing with my traumas and eventually found levels of success that I had given up on ever achieving. You see history often has a way of repeating itself, especially in the human psyche. I wanted to be successful, but I would always take the victim mindset, blame others and generally get pissed off at everything and everyone. This of course was hugely connected to my past which I had dealt with only in patches through therapy, of which I never felt was particularly helpful at getting to the route of the problem and helping me achieve my goals. I struggled on, and through trial and error, and connecting with countless experts putting the pieces of the jigsaw, while almost giving up on life many times, I then developed a system that has worked for me and many clients!

Now I am able to live a pain free life and focus on achieving my goals, on my terms. I look back on my experiences with gratitude rather than bitterness and that's the mindset I look to install in all my clients as they begin their professional transformation towards mastery.

I am also qualified life coach and certified NLP practitioner. As an entrepreneur I have experience knowing what it takes and means to be successful. I learned that my several business degrees really meant very little in the cut throat world of business. But my huge emphasis on understanding and learning about human behaviour during these years definitely paid off, and my path lead me here, to helping professionals just like you!

Building on my knowledge is something, I'm always aiming to do, to grow and best serve my clients. I'm an avid learner and regular attends seminars of some of the world's experts in business, success and relationships including names like Gary Vaynerchuk, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Julien Blanc. As part of my continued development I previously worked with a range of mentors, including a psychotherapist with over 30 years experience, and a world leading business coach.

I'm proud to say, I am now a leading expert as a coach in helping professionals overcome their traumatic past and achieve their goals with a life of fulfillment. For more information on how I can help you, click here for a risk free strategy session and learn how you can turn your life around and achieve the success you've always dreamed of having!

About Do Good Coaching
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