Success Coaching for Professionals Held Back by Past Emotional Pain and Trauma



Do you feel you are not where you should be in life? Do you want to be more successful and achieve any goal you set? Do you want to have the mindset to succeed like winner? Do you want to be happier? Then luckily my trauma based executive-coaching could be for you!

Achieve lasting success in any area of your life or business. 

My results-based success coaching involves looking deep at what drives, motivates and helps professionals perform to the optimum level. This will involve a 12 week rigorous immersion that will involve discipline and accountability to keep you on track. My specially designed Trauma to Triumph Mastery System, is designed to be 12 weeks long as based on experience, I’ve found it can take up this length of time to get lasting change. It takes a minimum of 30 days to form a new habit, and many of my clients have deeply ingrained shock trauma, negative beliefs and unhealthy patterns. I need to detox you before I help you become the stronger, improved, more successful version of you.

Although I have a system, I treat everyone as an individual and treat them accordingly. I will not rush you to get through the programme and am there for you in times of need. I’m not just saying that, I truly mean it, I will be responsible for helping you let out and let go of supressed emotions, and I don’t want you to feel like you are dealing with this on your own. However, that only works if you do the work! This is why I only work with a select number of clients that will fit into my system, teachings and coaching style. I guarantee you, if you stick to this program, you will level up, by learning more about yourself, where you have failed previously and what you can really achieve, and grow into a newer more successful and happier person. Your past emotional pain and trauma will no longer have anywhere near as strong a hold on you living your life with purpose.

Claim your FREE strategy session today!

Why not sign up for a FREE strategy session? Sessions typically last 30 minutes but can take longer depending on the person/situation. I do this with all my clients and it’s the best way to assess weather we are a good fit. I have certain criteria on the type of person I work with so this is the best way for us both to know for sure. No risk to you and I will help provide an overview for you and your situation going forward. I’ve helped many others overcome past emotional pain and trauma and find new success in their life, so why can’t you be next? 

The great thing about a FREE strategy session is it can help you become more aware of the direction you’re heading in and will be more able to successfully implement a strategy to achieve, rather than working against the flow, which of course I will adapt for you personally without risk or worry. For my available time slots, please enter your name and email in the booking calender below. 

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