The Truth Revealed About Becoming A Better Person

Steps in Becoming A Better Person – It’s the age old question. How do I improve myself? How do I change for the better? How do I become a better person? Perhaps you’ve hurt someone or made big mistakes. Perhaps you lived a lifestyle that isn’t productive and you know you should be aspiring for greatness. Perhaps you’re stuck in a rut and you hate your lifestyle and job. Well this article is here to give you hope and inspiration. It’s never too late to change and make a positive impact on your own life and the world. 

However contrary to belief, the mainstream view of ‘let things just happen’ rarely works. It’s a dangerous philosophy to adopt as things won’t merely change on there own, however at the same time you shouldn’t necessarily change your whole persona and force something to happen. Never the less, by taking the reins and deciding that you will not be a passenger in life anymore, and become someone that want’s to do good and change for the better you are in a much stronger position. Believe me, it’s a great position to be in!

The first step is having self awareness and understanding. Having the awareness to fully assess your life, behaviours, routines, etc. And be able to understand what elements are not working, and in many cases toxic. You have to remove them! This often isn’t a quick fix solution and can take a long time work through. However the key is being aware, starting the transformation and most importantly sticking with it. So many times people say, ”I’m going to change!” But they only mean it with words. Their actions do something different. Thus you always judge someone by their words and actions over time. You are no different, so you must stick with it you want to improve your life to a much more harmonious place.

Whatever the reason you’ve came to right place. But as I finally closing point of this article, I want to emphasis that it’s not all about YOU! Yes, from a biological and evolutionary perspective, you are the most important thing your life. However, you shouldn’t fall into trap of becoming passively narcissistic where you only focus on yourself through the environment. I’m going to be late for work! What do I eat for lunch? Oh those boots would look good on me? Where you are in reactance to everyone and everything. And you are at the effect, and not the cause. 

Also whenever anything happens that has a slightly negative connotation, it hurts your ego. Make no mistake, when growing as person you’re ego will be hurt, but you have to take it! And not act out as you did previously. As you grow, you should be considering not only yourself, but the wider environment. We are not alone this planet, and it’s an extremely arrogant attitude to think we are the only species that count. My point is, that as you level up you should be doing actions that add value to your life, not take away. 

A scenario I like to tell clients, is that they should aim to see themselves in their own future on their own death bed in old age, reflecting back on a wonderful life, and remembering the good they did and the people that loved them because of it. And not by being bitter, twisted and alone. In this perspective, where does your destiny lie?

I’ve highlighted further steps to improve your life in my video series on becoming a better, which I’ve linked below. 

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