How To Become A Champion

How do I become a champion? How do I succeed at anything? How do I win at life? These are questions we often ask ourselves when we are faced with life’s challenges, often we doubt ourselves, or our ability to move up in the world and go after what we want! This is perfectly normally and something most people go through. Even the ‘winners’ and ‘champions’ we see in sport and business world go through the same process, however it’s just much more managed due to repetition and working on their skill and craft. This is the key focus of this article. 

There is no magic pill to suddenly become a winner or overnight success, like in the 2011 Bradley Cooper film Limitless.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed or achieve your goals. It just means you need to become dedicated to the process. And believe the process. Because what’s the alternative? You stay majoring in something minor, or you go after that thing you’ve always wanted. That thing that is the calling to you. As I’ve learned over the years, the more proposterous that thing, the better! And yes there is a market for almost anything now, and you can become a star from just getting good at that one thing you are totally passionate about! Essentially what I’m saying is, work and work hard. And keep working until you’ve mastered or at least got to the top of your game….

And now you’re probably thinking… but isn’t it possible that I don’t achieve what I want? Absolutely, but that goes for anything in life. With hard work, a proper game plan and the right mental approach (all of which I can help you with), then you will exponentially increase your odds of success. And the most beautiful part is I you commit to the process I GUARANTEE, you will grow as a person, you will be an improved version of yourself, you will be better than the old you. You may find other goals you wish to target on this initial journey too, and that’s absolutely fine too, because that’s what happens as we level up, EVERYTHING CHANGES, our mindset, our approach and even our tastes. We often don’t resonate with the person we previously were, and often wonder why we behaved in certain ways and thought certain things. 

My final point is, anything is possible. If you believe in yourself and the cause the good things can happen. Just make sure your life is one that is based on ACTION rather than one of REGRETS. 

I have also addressed this question in relation to the Gladiatorial battles of Ancient Rome. Please watch the video to find out more…

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